Our State-Of-The-Art Melbourne HQ

Manuela Strano
Our State-Of-The-Art Melbourne HQ

We are so excited to have opened doors at our new VMG Melbourne address that will set a benchmark for the modern workplace, creatively conceived as an immersive ‘Urban Playhouse’.

Located in South Yarra, the 850 sqm office is built for a new way of working post-Covid and a way to unite multiple businesses together under one roof. Twelve months in the making Yakkazoo has brought the vison to life with a blueprint to foster creativity, productivity and collaboration, together with strengthening the company’s social culture and promoting health and wellbeing.

Our ‘Urban Playhouse’ is a concept that is adaptable, dynamic, intuitive, refined and progressive. During its manifestation we carefully considered our new HQ’s cosmopolitan inner-city locale; its ties to family and desire to create a welcoming home; its unique mix of people and brands; its corporate culture and vision.

Built for the Future of Work

The focal point of the new space is ‘Central Park’; an alfresco-style large kitchen area, bar (with beer and rosé on tap) and landscaped indoor garden with large feature trees.

The concept of Central Park was to create a meeting place. Aligned to green spaces within the urban landscape, this area serves as a welcome zone for visitors as well as a respite for the team amidst an often-hectic agency environment.

A unique space is the 80sqm ‘Immersive Playhouse’ which serves as an adaptable zone for training, experiences/exhibitions, social and well-being activities as well as live broadcast capabilities. It also features a huge 495inch Barco screen that enables video conferencing, wellness and fitness seminars, inhouse cinema and daily dynamic content. In addition to this flexible hub, there are a plethora of additional spaces including five meeting areas, a Chairman’s Lounge hidden behind bookshelves that can be opened with a secret lever, and a library that the team can use as a quiet zone surrounded by curiosities and wonderful books. The office houses staff from all of VMG’s verticals across creative services, digital marketing, talent management, media buying and strategy and has been designed to bring people together.

VMG Gallery

To further enhance the workplace experience, there will be a series of rotating art exhibitions curated as part of an annual program. The Group has engaged curator Catherine Asquith to showcase artists from around the country at the ongoing #LIVEWITHART program. First show being Kate Briscoe “Geologica” which is exhibiting until Easter. Briscoe’s work is held in major public collections across Australia including Artbank, Newcastle Regional Art Gallery, NSW Government House, and Parliament House Canberra.

Detailed by Design

Modular workstations are part of the customised LexCo range, integrating the new Lux matte brass metallic finish for an elegant alternative to standard finishing, acoustic privacy panels and integrated desktop planter boxes.

The lighting elements are extensive, with eclectic pendant, floor and table lights from Mondoluce and LightCo enhancing the individual character of each space. These include a Parliament Floor Lamp in the Library designed by Le Corbusier and the Chairman’s Lounge showcases a beautiful Mist Black Chandelier and Noto Vintage Brass Table Lamp from James Said.

The meeting rooms and boardroom are furnished with accent European Designer pieces by Patricia Urquiola; John Pawson; Mario Ferrarini and Piero Lissoni, balanced with comfortable high end residential furniture from James Said, Coco Republic, Momu and Arthur G.

We have crafted each area with unique and interesting items to layer it with personality. Just like a ‘home’ it represents the diverse people that inhabit it.

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