Personal online commerce

Andrew Hardeman
Personal online commerce

What happened during the pandemic?

The closure of traditional bricks-and-mortar retail stores forced consumers to shop online. Whether this accelerated an already existing behaviour or introduced a new one, it resulted in 5 years’ worth of digital transformation in months.

What will happen next?

Online shopping is here to stay. Despite current package delays across Australia, consumers have experienced the efficiency and effectiveness online shopping brings and will continue to embrace the benefits of it.

What does this mean?

Brands are increasing digital transformation projects and injecting options to purchase products across numerous online touchpoints. With the inclusion of chatbot, AI personalisation and different search functionality, making this a seamless process is top priority for brands.

What do brands need to do?

Prioritise making all online experiences seamless, simple and easy. Brands need to provide consumers the option to purchase when and how they want, in whatever formator platform works best.

Utilise ad units as final purchase channels beyond ads driving click to site activity.

Reduce abandoned carts or lapsed potential consumers through smart first-party data management and re-targeting.



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