Embrace marketing as the growth engine

Andrew Hardeman
Embrace marketing as the growth engine

What happened during the pandemic?

Part 1 of 2022 Playbook series

Businesses that previously viewed marketing as a cost-center quicky realized the breadth of service it delivers (i.e. digital transformation and CX) and the importance of it as a function in driving growth in any landscape or situation.

What will happen next?

Marketing has been elevated in the C-Suite and now is tasked as the main department to drive growth in an organization, whatever leaver or channel that means.

What does this mean?

Marketing teams are becoming a diverse collective of experts from all disciplines.

Siloes are being broken down to ensure development, data and delivery can be executed seamlessly and at pace.

Marketers are tasking agencies with clear measurable impacts of activity to ensure all performance can be traced back to activity in market.

What do brands need to do?

Get the team in order, have the experts in place required to deliver transformation and ensure all processes drive collaboration.

Continue to champion the customer, their understanding, needs wants and behaviors.

Take a holistic approach to what marketing can offer consumers and the C-Suite. It is more than product launches, campaigns and performance advertising.

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