Six ways to boost creativity in the workplace

Harriet Cheney
Six ways to boost creativity in the workplace

What does a creative space look like? Is a custom-built office space with unique meeting spaces, time out rooms, fancy art and free snacks really necessary for people to produce their most creative ideas? Of course, none of those hurt, but we’d argue that it’s the culture of a company and being exposed to the creative ideas in the broader community that really ignites the creative genius within.


Here are six essentials for your creative workplace:

  • Conversation – free flowing and random dialogue between colleagues allows for ideas to be organically thrown around. It also provides the brain with a refresh after intense periods of concentration, so idea generation fatigue doesn’t stand a chance.
  • Safety – if we don’t feel comfortable and supported in our work environments, it’s very difficult to think creatively ordo our best work. An encouraging workplace helps employees feel safe enough to be bold and daring (and honest).
  • Curiosity – this one in encoded into Yakkazoo’s DNA because when we seek greater understanding and listen intently, rather than assuming we already know the answer. When you encourage curiosity entire new paradigms of creative thought present themselves.
  • A Common Goal – understanding what the collective team is trying to achieve can enhance creativity. Instead of talking and thinking small, sharing the larger vision with employees puts the task in context and allows them to contribute to a more meaningful solution.
  • Autonomy – having the flexibility to manage your day and take a break when you need, enhances creativity by allowing you to customise the day to your creative rhythms.
  • New experiences – getting out and about seeing other creative offerings online or in-person leads to a more vibrant creative workplace. And the more diverse the experiences the better; they bring new perspectives to thought processes.

This last point is crucial for the creative creatures at Yakkazoo. Here are some of the new experiences that we’ve been inspired by in Sydney lately:


Phoenix Central Park

An immersive experience where the architecture, interior design and performing art elevate the venue to a church like, gallery space for gigs. Tickets to all events after free via a ballot application.


An American in Paris

Just the thing we needed as our lust for travel is in overdrive and we crave the light relief of a joyous musical with the most extravagant costumes and exquisite dancing (feat. The Australian Ballet).


Biennale of Sydney

Until 13 June 2022, the festival of international art has taken over The Cutaway (at Barangaroo) and the newly rejuvenated Pier 2/3 (Walsh Bay) as well as many other venues across the city for rīvus – the 2022 edition curated under the eye of Columbian Artistic Director José Roca -featuring the work of 89 participants across 330 artworks.


Sydney Modern Project opening in December 2022

The gallery currently known as the Art Gallery of NSW is getting a massive revamp and rename, doubling in size and is set to dazzle through art, architecture and landscape overlooking Sydney Harbour on Gadigal Country.

Sydney Modern Project render as produced by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa / SANAA. © Art Gallery of New South Wales, 2021.


The House After Dark

A late-night tour through the hidden tunnels and passageways of the Sydney Opera House sounds like the thrill you’ve been waiting for. Uncover the secrets of our city’s great icon in a tour that’s dark, eerie, and ridden with ghost stories and mysteries.


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